1) Southern Indiana born & raised
2) Moved to North Carolina in 2007
3) UNC Charlotte graduate
4) Chris is my soulmate – best friend – biggest supporter – greatest motivation ♥
5) My greatest life accomplishment is probably the fact I haven’t ran him off after 10 years
6) GREEN is my FAVORITE color
7) Dog mom. Lucky & Diesel have me wrapped around their paws
8) Love traveling! Although typically choose 1 of 3 destinations {Gatlinburg, Disney or Vegas}
9) I prioritize time for workouts among my 40 hour work week & coaching gymnastics 2 nights a week
10) Nutrition GEEKimg_6616
11)  Fitness FREAK
12) Running is free therapy
13) Obsessed with workout shoes ♥
14) Few things give me the satisfaction an early AM workout & well put together day can
15) Lefty with the ink covered pinky to prove it
17) I get mistaken for a teenager, one day I’ll learn to appreciate this
18) Competitive cheerleading img_6557was my LIFE
19) Having an older sister in the same sport made us best friends {& a bit competitive at times}
20) Grew up in the racing world & my favorite times are spent at the racetrack {yes, stockcar racing}
21) Secretly always thought I’d be a good racecar driver – but lets be honest
22) Hoarder Emotionally attached to anything I’ve possessed for 5+ years
23) I fall short of my annual New Year’s Resolution to take more pictures
24) Messy buns should always be acceptable
25) As should Hoodies – Leggings – Workout attire
26) Performed in the Colts vs. Steelers Super Bowl Playoff pregame show in 20061924296_47417660982_5637_n
27) Participated in a Guinness World Record breaking event – Largest Simultaneous Cheer
29) Love sushi but don’t ask me to attempt using chopsticks
30) Baking makes me happy 🙂
31) HANGRY does not begin to describe my attachment to food
32) Organization LOVER with an unorganized life
33) It’s not ‘There’s an App for That’…. There’s a List for That
34) Chris may or may not get frustrated with my constant need to plan
35) Messiest room as a child, but I CANNOT function unless our home is in order
36) I enjoy getting mail & paying bills
37) All things Disney !!!
38) Reality TV junkie
39) Closet WWE fan {well I guess it’s out now}
40) Afraid of everything
41) Chris startles me in our own home {I blame this on my dad pretending to be a Temple Guard growing up}
42) People intimidate me…
43) Maybe that’s why I have no plans to utilize my Marketing degree
44) You can hear Christmas music year round on my Pandora shuffle
45) I could make a full time job out of wasting time 🙂
46) I DO NOT dance… in public
47) Decisively indecisive, please NEVER ask me to pick a restaurant {or make any decision for that matter}
48) Speaking of… I cannot decide my favorite season – They all have their perks!
49) Firm believer in signs – superstition
50) Don’t enjoy when people ask me ‘Tell me a little about yourself’ but I guess I’m more interesting than I thought 🙂